5 Awesome Gifts for My Trio


Being a mom of the trio will definitely keep me busy but make my life happy, wonderful, and priceless at the same time. I believe everyone agrees it has never been easy, especially if your children are all under 10.

But like other moms with trio –or more– out there, I’d rather be grateful than complaining because you will never turn back time. Time machine is just a part of those magic fairy tales and it will never exist, for sure. You are going to miss all the noise and the mess your children are making today.

Sometimes the daily routines can be very frustrating, honestly. One of those most hectic moments happened in the morning: making sure uniforms and breakfast for the elder two are prepared (while their baby sister is crying), sweeping the floor, washing the dishes, etc, etc. But realizing it will be the once-in-a-lifetime moment I and my spouse will never forget, I choose not to complain. Continue reading