5 Awesome Gifts for My Trio


Being a mom of the trio will definitely keep me busy but make my life happy, wonderful, and priceless at the same time. I believe everyone agrees it has never been easy, especially if your children are all under 10.

But like other moms with trio –or more– out there, I’d rather be grateful than complaining because you will never turn back time. Time machine is just a part of those magic fairy tales and it will never exist, for sure. You are going to miss all the noise and the mess your children are making today.

Sometimes the daily routines can be very frustrating, honestly. One of those most hectic moments happened in the morning: making sure uniforms and breakfast for the elder two are prepared (while their baby sister is crying), sweeping the floor, washing the dishes, etc, etc. But realizing it will be the once-in-a-lifetime moment I and my spouse will never forget, I choose not to complain.

I do believe that someday –when the trio are all grown up– the mess, the noise here and there will become our sweet memories. When they all are no longer kids, they will have their own friends to play and to share with. They will keep themselves busy with this and that stuff, high school or university preparation, hangout with best friends, and so on, and so on. 

So instead of mumbling, murmuring, or complaining about their annoying behavior today, I choose to keep smiling at them whenever they are cranky –or at least not showing them that I desperately need a break. I choose to try spending time happily with them as much as I can. Of course it doesn’t mean I just let them playing and making house dirty or mess all the time without teaching them any disciplines. I always try to set the good example to motivate them to do the same, like put all the stuff in toy box or container after playing, clean myself before bed, say thanks everytime they lend their hands to help me and say sorry whenever I make any mistakes to them. 

I believe that children copy everything their parents do, so never underestimate your role. Setting a good example to them is one of the most effective ways, according to my experience. My kids are always trying to clean the room after playing (with my assistance, of course). This is simply because they usually see their mom do the same.

Knowing how they actually are sweet children, sometimes I want to give them some surprises. The eldest really loves technology and Lego kind of things, the number two is a pretty little girl who really enjoys her time drawing or reading picture books, and the 4-month-old baby loves tummy time so much.

Hmm… it’s quite difficult to decide what are the best surprises for them. Thank God now we have Lazada Indonesia. They offer bunch of awesome gift ideas for my trio. And another piece of good news is we also have Shopcoupons, which offer the very best exclusive voucher codes, deals and sales for leading online stores, including Lazada Indonesia.

So what are the 5 gifts I would like to buy for my trio? Here they are. Let’s take a look.

  1. My Busy Book Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (Price: IDR 175K)


My 5-year old girl loves reading so much. She always shows her enthusiasm everytime I give her book; any kind of books, especially the colorful ones. So I think it will be the best surprise gift for her.  This book is written in English, a good choice since my daughter also shows her interest in learning other languages, like French, Japanese, Arabic, and –of course– English.

As shown in the title, the book –which becomes one of the most popular books published by Phidal Publishing Inc. Canada–  will keep your children busy. This is because this book is an engaging storybook and toy in one activity kit. The book includes a storybook, 12 Disney figurines, and a giant playmat! The storybook itself offers full-page illustrations. Very nice, isn’t it? I’m pretty sure my daughter will LOVE this gift.

2. Power Sport Inline Skate (Price: IDR 259K)


My eldest son is hooked on technology and Lego. But I don’t want to surprise him with tablets, laptops, or those Lego bricks. I plan to give him a new stuff: inline skate. The reason why I choose this thing is because inline skating is popular again these days. Some of my son’s school mates are playing this fun sport. They even make a group or join an inline skating club and have playdate routines every weekend in the park, near our house.

I know my son has never used inline skates before, but I believe he is a fast learner. He once told me that he wanted to join his classmates every weekend in the park. “They said they had so much fun, Mom, and I think they did. I want to try inline skating sometime,” my son told me a few months back. So, yeah… I think this will be the best gift for him. I choose the blue one because blue is my favorite color (and I know my son will not complain!).

3. IKEA Antilop-Highchair (Price: IDR 315K)  


Who doesn’t love IKEA? I do love it! Everybody knows that IKEA is the world’s largest furniture retailer. Wikipedia wrote, as of August 2015, IKEA owns and operates 373 stores in 47 countries. From this fact, I can conclude that IKEA’s stuff is high quality stuff.

Back to my wish lists, my youngest is now 4 month old. That means she will have her first food in the next few months. I can’t wait for this moment. Super excited! To support her new activity, I plan to give her a gift: IKEA Antilop silver color highchair with tray. The design and the color of this highchair are really simple yet elegant. I like the design because I am a big fan of simplicity.

Designed by IKEA of Sweden, the highchair will make small children, including my baby, to eat at the same table as grown-ups, which helps them develop social and eating skills. Don’t worry, the highchair is easy to disassemble and transport, and it includes safety belt.

4. Chicco Baby Moments Eau de Cologne (Price: IDR 170K)

lazada-parfum bayiBabies naturally smell good, so does my baby girl. I always love to smell my baby, eventhough she has not had her bath yet. However, I also like the smell of baby cologne, as it is soft and delicate, just like the baby’s skin. For me, the scent of baby cologne and the natural smell of baby are just perfect. Very nice combination, for sure. So, I pick Chicco Baby Moments Eau de Cologne as my fourth gifts.

The 100 ml eau de cologne has soft and delicate scent, which definitely will freshen up my baby all day long. I trust this Chicco cologne because it is parabens free, dyes free, and hypoallergenic clinically tested, so it is safe for my baby.

5. Polo Milano Soft Case Luggage Set (Price: IDR 509.150)


This is the last stuff on my wish lists: luggage set. I found an awesome set for my trio on Lazada Indonesia. It is Polo Milano soft case luggage with black-red color. The dimension of the three cases are: 16 Inch / L 32 x H 41 x W 23 cm, 20 Inch / L 37 x H 53 x W 26 cm, and 24 Inch / L 42 x H 63 x W 29 cm.

Made from the high quality material, the cases seem very durable. These 3 cases are spacious enough and they have two wheels to make us easier in handling them. The design? Well, it is quite simple, but I really don’t mind, as I have already told you, I love the simplicity.



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